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Vacant Bungalow Staged by DMDesign Sells in 2 days!

Vacant Staging - Historic Decatur Bungalow

This week we had the pleasure of staging an historic Decatur bungalow. The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home was built in 1924 and had recently undergone a renovation of the kitchen and 3 full bathrooms. This trendy in-town neighborhood boasts a superior school district, a revitalized housing market, and great walkability to nearby shops, restaurants and parks. With long-term renters vacating, the homeowner was ready to list and called us in for a consultation.

Our initial assessment was that the cute 2,000-square-foot house was in great shape, until we took a closer look. Vacant homes tend to do that: they invite you to see every scratch on the walls, every scuff mark on the baseboards, any hint of water damage, simply because they are vacant. There's nothing else to look at! So we made the first decision immediately - it must be staged with furniture so that the house's flaws were not the first things prospective buyers would see.

The furniture would also help with an awkward floor plan - furniture placement is not something you want to leave buyers' imagination. 90-year-old homes are generally boxy, with small, closed off rooms, and this property was no exception prior to renovation. But now that the home had been updated -- walls were removed and rooms opened up -- it was imperative to establish the flow and continuity that open concept spaces require. Various rooms had been painted different colors, which contributed to a choppy feel. We recommended that the same neutral be extended throughout the house.

In addition, several glaringly dated fixtures begged to be replaced as well - ceiling fans and wall sconces, to name a few.

So with a fresh coat of paint and updated ceiling fans and lighting, we were ready to start. We brought in furniture and rugs in various shades of the neutral wall color, and some bright white chairs for contrast and a fresh, clean look. We added pops of red throughout the main level, from the kitchen, dining area and living room to the home office, which further helped to tie the entire space together.

We took down dated and ill-fitting window treatments, and used furniture and rugs to anchor each area. A variety of textures served to soften the hardscape and simple accessories added to the modern look.

The master bed and bathroom were staged as an elegant, private retreat. Serene colors and luxurious bedding will help buyers to emotionally connect with the space.

The result of this staging process is an eclectic, stylish look for an updated home in a trendy neighborhood, that should appeal to this market's buyers.

The home is now listed by our realtor partner Jeff Barber with Atlanta Communities....we did our share, now our fingers are crossed for a quick sale!


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