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The 5 Accessories Essential to Staging

Staging a house to sell can be a lengthy and involved process.... so many factors come into play. Will the house be vacant or occupied? Does it need updates or repairs? What is the budget? What is the target buyer demographic? What time of year will it be listed? The list goes on.

But regardless of any of these variables, one thing remains constant...... staging must make the home shine. The decorative accessories should create a modern, stylish, upscale, and elegant look. The colors, textures and styles must be current so the property appears updated and fresh. But that's not all.... Staging should create a feeling of Welcome Home. Here are 5 key accessories that we couldn't stage without!

1.) One Piece of Statement Wall Art.

A large canvas or print immediately captures your attention and draws your eyes to it and the area surrounding it. In a living room, the natural placement would be above the mantel, over a sofa, or

between windows or French doors. By adding statement art to any of these areas, you draw attention to the space's natural and intended focal point - a key element of staging.

5 Essential Staging Accessories

Artwork not only communicates class and elegance but also dictates the decor for the room. Accessories that follow the artwork's style and color scheme will ensure a stylish, cohesive look. But while the furnishings should be modern and attractive, they shouldn't detract from the house itself....after all, that's what the buyer is there for. A large, beautiful painting, canvas or print helps to showcase the home's organic elements like a fireplace, windows or the room's large size.

2.) Plenty of Lamps.

Lighting is key. If you can't see a room, you can't fall in love with it! Not all areas are blessed with an abundance of natural light. And even when they are, they often still need a little help - after all,

5 Essential Staging Accessories

buyers visit properties during all times of the day, including evenings. Ideally, each space should have 3 layers of lighting for function and style: ambient (general, overhead); task (which illuminates an area for its specific function); and accent (to add drama and visual interest by accenting something within the space.)

Since stagers can't realistically add ceiling mounted, recessed or pendant lights, the appropriate use of lamps is critical. This is especially true when general lighting is lacking... those rooms with no overhead lights can be tricky! A variety of table and floor lamps are essential in order to showcase the space, set the mood, and enable the home to shine. Like the artwork and coordinated accessories, lighting in all forms should be updated and stylish, with current colors, textures and finishes.

3.) Decorative Pillows and Throws.

These are the bread and butter of staging. Accent pillows add pattern, color and texture to any area: living room sofas, family room recliners, breakfast nook chairs, beds, and outdoor furniture. A pillow says, "This is a great place to get comfortable. Come sit for a while!"

Likewise, a throw blanket is a valuable staging tool because it makes the room feel warm and inviting. Throws add color and style - not to mention an invitation to linger. They can be draped loosely on a sofa for a casual feel, or folded neatly on the arm of a chair or the foot of the bed for a more polished look.

4.) White Towels.

White towels sell houses. I am not overstating this.... new, fluffy white towels are invaluable in making bathrooms look and feel fabulous. White says "Clean." And when those bright white towels are arranged in a way that reminds us of a spa or an upscale hotel, those towels say "Luxury. Elegance. Lifestyle." And these are the things that sell houses. No room is more personal than a bathroom, and a master bathroom that's staged with posh, luxurious white towels artfully arranged entices buyers to imagine themselves living lavishly.

5.) A Bottle of Wine.

Need we say more? Buying a house is an emotional proposition. More than location, price and square footage, a buyer's emotional connection with a home will seal the deal. A bottle of wine exudes elegance and ambiance - it sets the mood that home buyers want.

A simple tray with a wine bottle and some glasses speaks to lifestyle. It whispers feelings of peace, celebration, friendship and contentment. It invites prospective buyers to imagine coming home to this place after a long day at work, and switching gears from stressed to relaxed. It enables them to imagine having friends over for al fresco dining on a warm summer evening. It conjures the image of a bubble bath with a candle and a good book. It says that in this kitchen, we cook with wine -- and sometimes we even add it to the food!

Yes, a bottle of wine is an essential and effective staging tool! For more tips on staging

a home to sell, visit our blog at

DMDesign can help with your home staging, decorating and redesign needs. It really is very simple - let us help you create the look and feel of a warm, beautiful and inviting home.

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