• Desiree Mastracchio, DMDesign

Which Would You Rather List?

Imagine you are on the GA-MLS uploading photos for your newest listing. You want the house to sell quickly, not only for your clients' sake but for yours as well. And you want it to sell for asking price, or close to . . . these are things all agents wish for, right?

Now imagine the real estate fairies give you a choice -- you can either choose to list the home featured in the left column, or the one on the right. Which would you pick? Which would appeal more to buyers, to fellow agents and to prospective new clients?

Although there are no real estate fairies, the good news is that you don't need them because you truly do get to choose. By working with Desiree Mastracchio Design, your listings will be transformed into properties that stand out, that appear stylish and modern, and best of all - properties that appeal to buyers.

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