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3 Steps to a Modern Farmhouse

Who doesn't love the cozy, trendy look of an urban farmhouse? With the popularity of HGTV's

Fixer Upper, many homeowners are drawn to the warm, casual style that Joanna Gaines has come to represent. But what if you're not on a farm in Texas, but in a neighborhood in suburban Atlanta?

With a few simple additions, you can get the look of a modern farmhouse worthy of Jo Jo herself. We recently advised a property investor on his renovations for a unique Smyrna home. After a complete rehab and staging, this home has the country chic vibe that we find so appealing. With 3 simple steps, you can achieve this look as well.

1.) Add Rustic Architectural Elements.

Nothing says urban farmhouse like wood and stone. If your house doesn't have enough, you can add some architectural elements with basic woodworking skills, or the help of a professional carpenter.

Ceiling beams

Open or floating shelves


Barn doors

Painted fireplace

2.) Mix Textures and Styles for an Eclectic Look

Combine the unexpected - use a variety of textures and styles for a rich, layered look. In the kitchen, rugged shelving and vintage lighting combine with sleek marble and stainless steel. We brought in a sophisticated mirror coffee table and ultra-modern white leather chairs to contrast with the vaulted natural wood ceilings and washed stone fireplace. High-end martini glasses sparkle on a rugged wood tray; a rustic bell jar vase graces a chic hammered-silver end table. A gray and white chevron striped futon and bright orange and fuchsia accents complete the look.

Combine reclaimed wood mantel or shelving with marble and stainless steel

Place sleek furniture on weathered wood floors and a rustic fireplace

Arrange sophisticated bar accessories on a weathered or antique tray

Mix retro style lighting with modern fixtures

3.) Add Nostalgia With Vintage-Style Accessories

Bring in some funky, retro decorative items for a fun and cozy look.

Campy Artwork

Cowhide Rug

Word Art

Galvanized Steel Trays

Mason Jars

Wooden Crates

Lots of White

Nostalgic items like vinyl records and darts

Here is how we put it all together.

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