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Think You Can't Afford a Stager? Think Again.

Staging costs a little at the front end, and saves a LOT at the back end. Take a look at some of our recent projects, and see for yourself. We offer a variety of services for both occupied and vacant properties. Prices range from $150 to about $3,000, depending on the house and what is needed. There is no better time to give us a try, because all services will be discounted by 20% January 1-31, 2018! And if you're looking for a real estate agent, consider the ones below. Click on their names for access to their websites... they are among the best.

Occupied Staging: 2-Hour Walk and Talk Consultation $150

1330 Willow Tree Dr., Marietta

Occupied Home Staged by Desiree Mastracchio Design

This occupied home was on the market for 2 months with almost no traffic and definitely no offers. Agent Terri Ann Paguibitan, Keller Williams, hired DMDesign to do a 2-hour walk-and-talk consultation with the seller, for a fee of $150. We made immediate changes in the furniture placement and decor for a better flow and more appealing first impression. The homeowner followed up with additional recommendations such as decluttering and adding some decorative touches. One week after staging and posting new MLS photos, the seller received a full-price offer! The agent made a sound investment, and her client was thrilled with her expertise in hiring an accomplished home stager. Take a look at the Before and After photos by clicking on the photo above.

Occupied Staging: Staging Consultation and Report $250

2219 Heritage Trace Dr., Marietta

Occupied Staging by Desiree Mastracchio Design

Keller Williams agent Elizabeth Dougherty includes a Staging Consultation and Report in most listing packets as a value-added for her clients. Her $250 is well spent with results like these. DMDesign made major changes in furniture layout and editing, to enable the small house to flow and feel large and open. This East Cobb property garnered multiple offers and sold for $25,000 over asking price! Click on the photo for Before and After shots.

Occupied Staging: Staging Consultation and Report $250

390 17th St. NW #2066, Atlanta

Occupied Staging by Desiree Mastracchio Design

Agent Terence Richardson, Caldwell Banker, includes a Staging Consultation and Report in most of his new listing packets, as a value-added for his clients. The $250 service includes a 2-hour walk and talk, followed by a detailed written report and checklist for the seller to complete before listing. The homeowner followed DMDesign's instructions to a T, and the property was under contract within 2 weeks! Happy realtor, happy client, happy stager. Click on the photo to see Before and After pictures.

Vacant Staging Accessory Package $350

4990 Carriage Lakes Dr., Roswell

This property was on the market for several months with very little activity. Although the house was updated and lovely, it was vacant and therefore looked cold and uninviting. Keller Williams agent Olivia Vacalis hired DMDesign, and we brought in accessories and small furnishings only. This warmed up the key areas of the entry foyer, kitchen, mantel, powder room and master bathroom, enabling buyers to emotionally connect with the home. The cost was $350 and once the new MLS photos were posted, the house received a contract within 2 weeks! The agent and sellers both were thrilled with the result of this this small yet effective investment. Click on the photo above to take a look inside.

Vacant Staging Furniture Package $2,500

31 Cooper Lake Rd.

Vacant staging by Desiree Mastracchio Design

This beautiful but vacant property was on the market for months. It didn't show well... nobody can imagine themselves living in an empty house. Agent Rebecca Mohandiss, Keller Williams, covered the staging costs up front but the seller reimbursed her at closing. Within just a couple of weeks, this lovely home was under contract. A great pay-off for a $2,500 investment by the homeowner!

Vacant Staging Furniture Package $2,800

822 Birds Mill SE, Marietta

Vacant Staging by Desiree Mastracchio Design

This investment property was vacant, and the investor knew it needed to be warmed up with furnishings to appeal to buyers. The cost for 2 months was $2,800, and the property sold within a few weeks of list date. Several similar properties were for sale in this subdivision, which haven't sold after months on the market... the main difference is that they are vacant. Click on the picture to see the interior of this beautiful Sibley Forest home!

Vacant Staging Furniture Package $2,800

3010 Boyce Dr., Marietta

Vacant Property staged by Desiree Mastracchio Design

This beautiful home was on the market for 6 months -- the decor was very dated and did not draw buyers in to see the property. DMDesign made recommendations for painting and removing the seller's existing furnishings (they had already moved out but had left furniture in the house.) We brought in new furniture that was sleek, modern and inviting, and showcased the best features of the house itself. The new listing was posted in December -- typically a very slow month -- but traffic has been swift and steady. We expect an offer in January! The 2-month lease on the furniture was $2,800, which the homeowners paid but agent Mike Wistrick, Keller Williams, will reimburse them at closing. Click on the photo above to see the Before and After images in the album.

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