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How to Stage a Bathroom

When preparing to list your home, be sure to spruce up all bathrooms, especially the master, with these guidelines in mind.

Make Any Needed Repairs.

Plumbing repairs can be costly, and a dripping shower head or a toilet that keeps running could be a red flag to buyers. If there are any nagging problems that you've just gotten used to over the years, go ahead and fix them now.

How to stage a bathroom - make all needed repairs

If you don't, these problems will come up during inspection and buyers will expect an allowance, which almost always costs you more in the long run.


Bathrooms are relatively small rooms, so painting won't require a huge investment of time or money. Paint the walls a serene neutral like gray, "griege" (gray/beige mix), soft blue, or sage for a zen-like feel.

Sherwin Williams neutrals for staging

Use satin or semi-gloss on bathroom walls as these paints will reflect light and can be easily wiped clean. Contrast with a bright white gloss finish on the trim for a fresh, clean look.

Benjamin Moore neutrals for staging bathrooms

Even if your bathroom is already a stylish neutral color, freshening up the

paint may still be necessary. In a room

that is used on a daily basis, touch up

painting is required more frequently than in other areas of the house.

My pick for bathroom walls:

Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue

Update Fixtures.

Don't let outdated metal finishes and styles create a bad first impression. Replacing brass faucets, vanity lights and shower heads with brushed nickel fixtures will give your bathroom an instant facelift. And while you're at it, lean towards the more modern, glam styles.

Deep Clean Everything.

Once all your painting and repairs have been made, put some elbow grease into getting your bathroom white-glove clean. Make a paste of baking soda and white vinegar to clean glass shower doors or grout between shower or floor tiles (click here for detailed instructions). Your bathroom should virtually sparkle!

Declutter. Minimize the personal items in the shower and on the vanities. Buy a basket or storage box for the things you use daily like toothbrush/paste, moisturizer, shaving cream etc., and tuck inside the cabinet when you're finished getting ready. Pick up bath mats, especially if your floors are in good shape - this will help the area look larger. Keep just 2-3 shampoo and conditioners inside the shower, and throw your towels in the dryer every morning as you leave.

Decrease personal items on vanities

Keep special "staging" towels out for show, but don't use them so they stay perfectly fresh. Hide all trash cans, toilet brushes, plungers, cleaning supplies etc. so buyers only see the beautiful aspects of the bathroom. It might look glaringly bare to you, but for the MLS pictures, this is perfect.

Add Decorative Touches.

The final touches will be the icing on the cake. Think high-end hotel or spa to convey a feeling of elegance and luxury.

Use bright white towels rolled up for a spa look

An abundance of bright white towels. Just one real or silk plant or orchid.

Oversized glass jars filled with cotton balls or pretty bar soaps. Baskets with sea salts, bath oils and candles.

Use spa-style accessories when staging a bathroom

A white fabric shower curtain.

If you have a large empty wall, add one large art item rather than several small ones. And include a tray next to the tub with wine or champagne, inviting buyers to envision the lifestyle that comes with the purchase of this house.

Use large wall art when staging the bathroom

Add some chilled champagne for a romanic touch

Any investment you make in bathroom improvements, repairs and staging will come back to you at closing. So create that tranquil space that buyers want!

Create a serene, spa feel to help your bathroom shine

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