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Use Staging as a Marketing Tool!

Selling real estate is tough. The landscape is crowded and homeowners have lots of options. In order to get business, agents have to not only market their listings, but also market themselves. A good home stager facilitates marketing on both fronts by elevating the expertise of the agents and improving the products they are selling.

Staging Helps Market Your Services

Agents must be experts in all things residential real estate, including neighborhoods, lenders, and vendors for all kinds of home-related services. Sellers expect sound advice regarding the best pressure washers, painters, plumbers and landscapers -- agents should also recommend staging services, to get their homes MLS-ready. Having a skilled and successful stager on hand helps agents appear forward thinking and pro-active in the eyes of their clients. Including staging as part of a listing package offers sellers a great value-added and gives the agent an edge over his or her competitors.

Staging Helps Market Your Listings

When it comes to marketing their listings, real estate agents employ competitive market analysis for appropriate pricing, direct mail and email flyers, virtual tours, open houses.... the list goes on. But the most effective marketing strategy is a great listing on the MLS. The listing service provides the most broad exposure and puts the property directly in front of other agents and buyers.

And the one thing that will get buyers off their computers and onto the property is appealing photos. A home that is dark and cluttered will not photograph well. A home without fresh paint and new (or at least clean) carpets will not appeal to buyers. A home that is cluttered, poorly lit or road-weary will make for a tired-looking listing. A home with decor that is outdated or very taste-specific will not draw buyers in.

Everything depends on good pictures, and good pictures depend on good staging. In order to sell a product, it must be merchandised in a way that appeals to buyers. Whether a listing is occupied or vacant, a stager's touch will increase the perceived value of the home, making it more marketable. A consultation with the homeowners will get buy-in because they start to understand the "why's" of the recommended changes. And a furniture package changes a vacant listing from cold, impersonal floors and walls to a potential home.

Beyond great listing photos, staging enables buyers to connect with the property once they visit. Personal touches and emotional connection points invite buyers to imagine a lifestyle and see their own future. These intangibles are what generate serious offers and change listings from "For Sale" to "SOLD"!

Staging Occupied Homes

A 2-hour walk and talk consultation can get homeowner buy-in and result in major improvements. Take a look at the Before-After.

Staging Vacant Homes

A vacant home offers buyers nothing to look at except the walls and floors - and they will see every imperfection because their eyes have nothing else to land on. A vacant staging package gives scale and function to each room, and draws attention to the best features of the house. It also invites buyers to visualize themselves living in the house.... marketing at its best.

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