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"If you are looking for a stager for your current home or looking to sell your house quickly....Desiree is who you should call!


I call her for many of my listings to help sell the home quickly by staging furniture and decorative items.  From vacant properties to using existing furniture that the sellers have..she is able to make the home showroom ready for Buyers to have the best experience in your home.  

Each room shines to it's fullest potential. 


She is very professional and easy to work with.  She is with every penny!

I highly recommend her!"

     ~ Nita Luce, Keller Williams

"Desiree has been wonderful to work with and has made our home beautiful. It’s been a huge relief to know she would come into our house and make it feel warm and welcoming for potential buyers to see.


Her suggestions were easy to implement and her final touches made all the difference. We feel very confident in her services and that it’ll assist us to make an easy and fast sell. We would hire her again in an instant and highly recommend her."

 ~ Henry and Laurel Lin, Homeowners

"Have you ever seen one of those shows on HGTV where designers come in, look at your stuff, rearrange, eliminate, pull out things you had in storage, and when they're done, you feel like you're in a brand new house? 

Desiree did this for me! She arranged my furniture to make the rooms flow, look larger and more open, and more warm and inviting. She grouped accessories so they looked like a display, not random clutter. And she brought in a few new accent pieces that made each room pop.  She also picked just the right color palette for the rooms I needed to paint.

Desiree has an amazing eye and impeccable taste. She will make your home look amazing, whether you are moving or you just want a new look without having to buy all new stuff!"

     ~ Donna La Chance, Homeowner

"Desiree is a pleasure to work with.  She has a way with my clients that takes the pressure off me being the “bad guy”.  She’s very professional, friendly and thorough.  Not only do I love working with her, but so do my clients!"

~ Brenda Brown, Keller Williams

​"I have been trying to avoid the "staging" process ​while trying to sell my condo. I am so pleased and now know I should have done it sooner.  Desiree knew what the space needed and fulfilled that.  She is very easy to work with and the condo looks great. 

I highly recommend her services."

~ Janine Bethea, Homeowner 

"Desiree has been a wonderful asset to my business this past year.  She has done a fantastic job staging the homes of my sellers, and her work has helped me to sell their homes very quickly!  She is creative, and she does a great job communicating with clients and agents."


     ~ Liz Dougherty, Keller Williams Atlanta North

"Desiree staged my house for sale - she was amazing! She came into a mess - nothing was up on the walls, furniture was not arranged, it was chaos.


She worked harder than anyone could ever expect - moving furniture, moving rugs, hanging pictures, moving accessories. And her eye, design and use of color, size and texture is fantastic. She will go the extra mile.


I cannot recommend her enough. The price I paid (which I thought was reasonable and was stated up front) will come back to me in a quick sale for more $$ than if I had not used her. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


     ~Liz LeBlanc, Homeowner

"Desiree staged our home and helped us sell during a real buyer's market. She really made our home shine by designing a sophisticated yet comfortable interior. Our home really stood out against the competition!"


~Robin and Dan Calnan, Homeowners

"Desiree is really the only stager

I have ever used, she is also the only one we have ever needed because she has ALWAYS come through and has never failed us. Her work is absolutely magnificent, she is flexible and affordable. I look forward to every opportunity we get to work together.


Thanks Desiree, for everything!"


~ Adam Barnes, Property Investor

"Thank you so much for all your help! Your recommendations were priceless and I think we did everything you suggested.  I didn't really know much about stagers before you, but what a fun career you have!"

~ Sherri Baldwin, Homeowner

"THANK YOU for the fantastic job you did with staging 31 Cooper Lake Road. Your work certainly helped accomplish our goal of getting the home under contract quickly after the new paint and staging transformed the house -- The homeowner and I both couldn't be happier! 


I really enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you again soon!"


Rebecca Mohandiss

Keller Williams Realty

Selling a home is so very stressful and emotional. You like what you like and have done with the home. It makes it personal.


However, I quickly learned that not everyone who walks through the door or see pictures online will feel the same. My amazing realtor hired Desiree to come in and give me a two-hour staging consultation. I had to come to grips with the fact that I had to take things down... basically depersonalize our home. It was hard, but the outcome was amazing. I “chose” to buy some additional items to help our home feel more welcoming.


A week later...the house sold! I took the additional items I had bought and the educatio I learned to my new home! I am thrilled with the level of experience Desiree brought me. Thank you so much! My realtor and I both thank you!! So worth the time and energy!!!


Signed...sold home in GA and new owner on TX XOXOXO

~ Tiffany Roebuck, Homeowner

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