s e r v i c e s  
Occupied homes

Sellers are capable of transforming their homes when a professional stager explains to them what needs to be done. To see what can be accomplished through a simple staging consultation, look at Staging Consultation albums on the "Gallery" page.

Walk and Talk Consultation    

$100/hour (2-hr. min.)

2-3 hour consultation covering curb appeal, first impressions, color, lighting, cosmetic improvements, cleaning, decluttering, depersonalizing, furniture and accessory arrangement/editing.

Staging Consultation and Report          


Staging consultation plus a full written report with step-by-step instructions and checklist.

Hands-On Staging    

$100/hour (2-hr. min.)

Using what you have, we make the necessary changes to get the property MLS-ready. This is the fastest, simplest and least stressful staging method for homeowners - let us transform the home into a marketable product.


vacant homes

There is no comparison between an empty and a staged home. To see samples of vacant homes we've staged, look at Vacant Staging albums on the "Gallery" page.

Vacant Staging Furniture Package                  

Prices Vary

We bring in furniture, lighting, rugs, art and accessories to the main living areas and master bedroom and bathroom, to turn your empty house into a warm and inviting home that appeals to buyers. Vacant staging services are customized and priced for each individual listing, and generally range from $3,000-$6,000. 2 month lease.


Prices Vary

Simple staging for properties to be listed at $400,000 or less. This budget-friendly package is smaller in scope and scale than our regular custom staging. Ideal for fix and flip or lower-priced listings. Vacant staging services are customized and priced for each individual listing, and generally range from $2,000-$3,000. 2 month lease.


design intervention

100/hour (2 hour min.)

Design Intervention (or "redesign") is using what you have, just making it better. Many homeowners have good taste, beautiful furniture, stylish accessories... they just need help putting it all together.